About Us - Principal's Message

It is a matter of great pride that AGS Aragam is publishing its school magazine “Skylark”. This is a platform for the students and the school to showcase its talent, achievements and also a medium for the students to express their dreams. A school is not a set of buildings, furniture, a ground and books, it is a collection of people who have a deep desire to learn, and let their imagination take flight. It is a place where young and impressionable minds collect to seek more knowledge and prepare themselves for a future which is full of opportunities and challenges. At AGS, Aragam it is our endeavour to light the lamp of knowledge and guide our students in the right direction, to equip them with discipline, honour and courage to take on the world and become citizens who will make a difference. We are on a path which will take us to new heights and the school and students will scale new peaks in times to come.

Mr. Mohammad Ramzan Sheikh


Principal AGS, Aragam


Principal's Message